The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty Vegan and Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Clean beauty has been all the rage in recent years and with good reason. You don’t need to be a vegan, have standing Gua Sha appointment, or be obsessed with Goop to care about the ingredients in your beauty products. Toxic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates to oxybenzone, triclosan, hydroquinone, and artificial fragrances are enough to make you want to do a purge on your entire bathroom cabinet. Not only is clean gaining major popularity with brands and consumers alike it’s actually better for us! In addition to chatting about clean beauty we are also covering vegan & cruelty free products too. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to clean beauty vegan and cruelty free products.

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The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty Vegan and Cruelty Free Beauty Products

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty has defiantly become a major buzz word in the beauty community but what actually is clean beauty? At its core, clean beauty means that you can use a product without risking your own health. The ingredients list must contain only safe, clean ingredients. Clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic beauty.

The beauty industry actually lacks regulations and routinely sells products that have cancer inducing ingredients- shocking I know. That is why it is more important than ever that we know what’s in our beauty products.

Does clean beauty have to be all natural or organic to be considered “clean”?

The short answer is no clean beauty does not have to be all natural or organic to be considered clean. Clean beauty is basically products that omit potentially known harmful ingredients.

Clean and green beauty are often associated but they are actually two different things.

Clean Beauty has several associations

  • Plant-derived
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainably sourced

While there things are all great a beauty product can exhibit all of these characteristics and not be clean if it contains toxic ingredients. And vice versa a product can be vegan but not clean.

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs

  1. Parabens like Propylparaben and Iosbutylparaben
  2. Fragrance
  3. Chemical UV filters Octinoxate and Oxybenzone
  4. Diethanolamine (DEA)
  5. Triclosan
  6. Phthalates like Dibutyl phthalate
  7. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)
  8. Formaldehyde
  9. Polyethylene (PEGs) like PEG-10 laurate
  10. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Now you may want to run to throw our all your toxic beauty products but this can be a daunting task. We recommend changing your toxic beauty products to clean ones. Start by first reading product ingredients and if there are toxic ones put that on your list of things not to purchase again, then you can look for a clean product alternative to replace it. If you shop at Sephora they also have a whole clean beauty section which is great, we know clean beauty is popular if a beauty giant like Sephora is including a whole clean beauty section!

Some of Our favourite Clean Beauty Brands

  • Youth to the People: is a vegan brand all about conscious sourcing, climate justice, and post-consumer and recyclable materials.
  • Farmacy
  • Goop

Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty Products

When I went vegan I realized that I would have to change a lot of my personal products too. Lots of beauty and personal care products are not vegan and not cruelty free. But don’t worry there are lots of options available so keep reading for your guide to buying cruelty free products!! There is also a difference between vegan and cruelty free and they are not mutually exclusive like a lot of people thing that they are.

Cruelty free (adjective)- (of cosmetics or other commercial products) manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

To be considered cruelty free a company must not conduct animal testing on products or ingredients. They cannot ask their suppliers to test on animals or ask a third party to do so. Finally they do not sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

*China is one of the only countries that still requires animal testing on foreign cosmetic companies by law (so if the cosmetic company sells products in China they cannot be considered cruelty free)

Remember just because a product is cruelty free does not mean that it’s vegan. A product can be cruelty free (not tested on animals) but not be vegan (meaning there the product contains ingredients derived from animals).

Cruelty Free Logos

These logos are certified, just be careful when checking cruelty free logos not all are certified.

These Logos are Certified

Check the online organization’s databases (even if there is no logo the product can still be cruelty free). Some companies don’t have the logos because they have to pay extra to display them on their products.

Emailing the company directly is also a good way to confirm if they are cruelty free.

Another handy resource is a free app called Cruelty Cutter – this app allows you to scan products to see if they are cruelty free. Great to have on the go!!!!

Vegan Products

“Vegan,” “Vegan-Friendly,” and “100% Vegan” cosmetics are defined as beauty products that do not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products, or any other animal-derived ingredients, including beeswax and honey. Animal ingredients commonly used in beauty products include carmine, lanolin, keratin, collagen, elastin, animal-derived glycerin and stearic acid, tallow, pearl, silk, milk-derivatives, snail slime, and more. A lot of products that are vegan are also marked but you can read the labels just to be sure.

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I hope this post has inspired you to make kinder choices as a consumer.

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