Everything You Need for an at Home Gym

It’s the new year and with that comes a lot of resolutions to get fit and be healthy. If you don’t want to shell out for a gym membership but want to do some at home workouts this post is for you! I also recommend YouTube there are some awesome workouts there, one of my favourite channels is Tone It Up. One thing that I love about working out at home is that its super convenient, especially if you are crunched for time. Keep reading for everything you need for an at home gym!

Home Gym Inspo

Since the pandemic hit gyms have been closed due to a lot of the restitutions. Now more then ever is a great time to add a small home gym into your home! You don’t even need a huge space- that spare room that is never used, your undeveloped basement or even a corner in your garage can be made into a workout haven!

Home Gym Must Haves

Weights: This one is a given there are tons of online workouts that involve weights. You can get a few different weights so you are able to switch up your workout.

Fitness Ball: This is great for doing ab and booty workouts, its definitely a must have.

Kettlebell: This one is great to add to your home gym there are tons of amazing kettlebell workouts.

Skipping Rope: Cardio anyone? This is great for HITT workouts. It also travels well so take it anywhere.

Booty Bands: I must say that these are one of my favourites, you need these for leg and booty days!

Large Yoga Mat: This is great and you will use this for all your home workouts!!

Foam Roller: This is great for after working out, it helps to stretch everything out!

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Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

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