Amazon Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. Every time we have a party everyone always seems to end up there. It’s were we cook hang out and socialize. But the kitchen is one of the biggest areas in our home that produces waste. This year one of my goals was to reduce my waste and work towards being more environmentally friendly (this takes time so don’t be too hard on yourself- just do the best you can). So in today’s post I have rounded up some of my favourite Amazon zero waste kitchen essentials.

Amazon Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

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  • Sponges & Dish Cleaners: Ditch the ones that end up in the landfill. Switch to wooden ones with natural bristles, organic cotton machine washable sponges or walnut shell scouring pads that are biodegradable.
  • Grocery Bags: Get on the reusable grocery bag train they have some super stylish ones now and while you are at it get some reusable produce bags too!
  • Kitchen towels: Invest in some nice kitchen linen towels.
  • Food Storage: Replace ziplock bags for glass containers.
  • Kitchen Utensils: Replace plastic utensils with bamboo ones.
  • Coffee Cups & Tumblers: There are so many chic reusable coffee cups and tumbles don’t forget to pic up some reusable straws!
  • Coffee & Tea: Get rid of your pod coffee maker and replace it with a chic French press (you can also use the used coffee grinds for homemade face scrubs and composting). Ditch using tea bags get a tea strainer.
  • Compost Bin: Don’t forget this for all your food scraps!

We can all do our part in reducing our waste, I hope you found this post helpful! Let me know what swaps you have made in your home to be more eco friendly! Check out our post on other Simple Ways Reduce Plastic Waste!


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