How I Sold $5,000 in my First Month On Etsy

So you have been thinking about opening an Etsy store but are not sure where to start. Last year was crazy for me I lost my day job and decided that I wanted to start my own business. Now it may seem overwhelming but if I can do it you can do it too, the main thing is just to get started!!! In today’s post I’m sharing everything I have learned so far including how I sold $5,000 in my First Month On Etsy.

Thinking about starting an Etsy shop but don't know where to start. We are sharing everything you need to know about setting up an Etsy shop and how to make sales. Our top tips and secrets on how to make sales on Etsy. #etsytips #howtosellonetsy

How I Sold $5,000 in my First Month On Etsy

So I am going to break everything down into easy to follow steps to help get you started. You can check my Etsy shop HERE!

Find A Product to Sell

Well this may seem like a given but first you need a product to sell. Do some research on Etsy you can look at other shops and see what is selling well (of course don’t copy this is just for inspiration). Etsy is great for selling handmade items so if you are great a knitting maybe try something with that.

Create A Brand

This is a huge part of the success of your store. Creating a brand identity helps your shop look professional and cohesive. Make a brand board with your brand’s colours. Take a look at Kim Kardashians brand SKIMS she sticks with neutrals you can clearly recognize her brand right away. Pick your brand colours and create a logo for your brand on Canva. Come up with a brand mission statement (you will put this in the info about brand section on Etsy).

Get Professional Photos

If you are able to invest in a few professional photos of your products I highly recommend it. Great photos is what will sell your products. Just take a moment to scroll through Etsy from a customers point of view, photos that are poorly lit and don’t look good you will notice those products aren’t selling. Great photo’s are a MUST for your business.

Create Your Shop

Now that you have chosen your product to sell, have your brand identity (including logos and colours), and some great professional photos it’s time to design your shop.

  • Choose a shop name (pick something cool and memorable that relates to your brand)
  • Use your brand’s logo for the small photo on the left hand side
  • Under your shops name is a place to put your brands mission statement
  • Use a nice photo of yourself for the shop owner photo
  • For the heading of your shop design it on Canva using the professional photos of the products you had done. The better and more professional your shop looks to a customer when they first click on it the more likely they are to buy from you.
Create Your Listing’s

Now that you have the main part of your shop set up its time to create your listings.

  • In the spot to upload photos you want to upload you professional photos (use as many as they allow, the more photos the better)
  • Add you photo thumbnail- you want this to be the best photo you have of your product as this will be the cover photo of your product and what your customer will see when scrolling through Etsy.
  • Add a video of your product if you can
  • Next is the listing details this is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play.
  • Add your heading you want to choose a combination of titles and words that describe your product (think of the different terms that people will use to search your product). For example if you are selling blankets don’t just put blanket in the title because this will decrease you chances of your customers finding you. Look up other similar shops to see what their titles and item descriptions are (remember this is just for inspiration don’t copy).
  • Choose your category (make sure it’s relevant to what you are selling).
  • Add your item description you want to be as description again make sure you are doing SEO for your listings.
  • Post your listing to your shop!
Get On Social Media

Now that you have your shop all set up and looking great it’s time to sell. The look of your shop and your SEO for your store will help customers on Etsy find you but how to you drive more traffic to your site? The answer social media!

  • Instagram: create an instagram page for you brand use your mission statement and your professional photos and connect with your ideal customers. Use stories and reels to showcase your products. Check out our tips on how to grown your IG HERE.
  • Pinterest: this is a great way to drive customers to your store. Create pins with your professional photos and use your product description in the pins description and link your store.
  • Tiktok: now I know what you are thinking (this app is for 13 year olds but trust me get on Tiktok). Create cool videos of you making your products and your products in action. The algorithm on Tiktok is crazy and you can go viral! When we posted our video that went viral we had 22 followers in a matter of days we had 17.2k followers with over 700k video views. And we SOLD OUT!
  • Facebook: Join local groups to promote you products (if the group allows that check the rules). For example if you sell dog products join a pet owners group.
  • Encourage your customers to give reviews. Of course you need to have some sales first but once you get them having great reviews will help with sales. We include a thank you card with our products encouraging them to leave us a review.

Be consistent and persistent. When we started we had under 500 followers on IG and 22 on Tiktok, you don’t need a huge following to make sales. You need great products, photos, and brand identity. I hope this post helps and remember you can do it!!

Thinking about starting an Etsy shop but don't know where to start. We are sharing everything you need to know about setting up an Etsy shop and how to make sales. Our top tips and secrets on how to make sales on Etsy. #etsytips #howtosellonetsy

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