How to Customize Your Home Screen on IOS 14

I just got the new iPhone 12 pro max and I love it, but I wanted to make my home screen super pretty and aesthetic. You have probably seen this all over IG and Pinterest- people making their home screens super pretty. So I looked up a tutorial online and tried it for myself! It’s actually really simple and it’s fun too. Keep reading for how to customize your home screen on IOS 14.

How to Customize Your Home Screen on IOS 14

Getting rid of those ugly icons and replacing them with pretty ones is so satisfying! And I also organized my phone while doing this.

What You Need

  • First you will need to make sure that you have the latest iPhone software update (IOS 14). Go into your settings and update your software.
  • Download the app Widgetsmith (it’s free) onto your phone
  • Download the app Shortcuts (if you don’t already have it)

Once you have all of these down loaded you are ready to go!

How to Customize Your Phone

  • Pick an aesthetic, I choose neutrals & light beige. But there is tons you could do if you are a big Harry Potter fan you could choose that, or pink, or whatever you like.
  • Once you have chosen you aesthetic go to Pinterest and look up some photos that fit into that aesthetic. You will want two photos to use as your backgrounds- one for the lock screen and one for the home screen. You will also need photos for your widgets.
  • Download the Pinterest photos onto your phone. Add your photos for the lock screen and home screen.
  • Determine your most used apps. Go through your apps and see which ones you use most frequently (ex Instagram & camera). These are the apps that will be kept on the front page of your home screen.
  • Now that we have our most used apps we are going to change the app cover photo with one you like or have chosen off of Pinterest using the app Shortcuts that you downloaded earlier.
  • Go to Shortcuts app click the + sign on the upper right corner. Click add action. Then click scripting (it has a little x icon). Search the app you want to change (eg Facebook) once you find it click on the app. Then click on the three dots on the right. Click add to home screen. This is where you will name the app (I keep it the same name as it was so it’s not confusing). Then click on the app photo icon and click choose photo. This will take you to your camera roll- choose a photo you like for the cover of that app. Once you have the photo you like and the name of your app click add. Then that will appear on your phone move this to the front home page.
  • Use shortcuts on all your most used apps and change the photos to the ones you like. Then move all of these to the front homepage. Note that you will still have all the old looking apps on your phone you can move these to the second page or keep them in the app library (just as long as they are not on the front page).
  • Next go to widgetsmith and pick which widgets you like. This app is super simple to use. You can choose the date and time add photos or quotes you like (I used Canva to make my photo quote). Customize the colour and text to match your aesthetic. You can then move everything around to a configuration that you like on your homepage!

It seems like a lot of steps but once you get going it’s really easy and fun! You can also change up your home page depending on the season!

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