Hair Trend: Hair Scarfs and How to Wear Them

Hair scarfs and bandanas have made a big comeback! This style is chic and effortless, it can also tie an outfit together. Scarves have exploded in popularity recently and can turn a bad hair day around. Not to mention that a scarf or bandana is the perfect way to disguise a bad hair day. You may already have some scarves that have been long forgotten in the back of your closet that you can put to good use. Keep reading for the latest hair trend: hair scarfs and how to wear them!

Hair Trend: Hair Scarfs and How to Wear Them

There is actually a ton of ways to wear and style a head scarf. Most of them requiring minimal effort so don’t worry you don’t have to be a hair expert to pull off this effortless trend.

The Ponytail Tie

This is one of the ways that’s super easy to add a hair scarf into your hairstyle, throw your hair up into a ponytail and finish it off with tying a scarf around the base of the ponytail. This instantly adds polish to an otherwise simple hairstyle.


We are totally getting Blair Waldorf vibes with this next style. This style can be worn with you hair down or up. Simple and chic you can’t go wrong with this.

Bun Tie

The bun style has always been a classic, using a headscarf can add some fun vibes to this style!


This is a great way to dress up tresses that are down, and great for hiding roots that need to be washed.

Retro Headscarf

Definitely channeling vibes here.

Braids and More

Add a fun scarf to a simple braid for a fun look!


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