Skincare Trend: Slugging Everything You Need to know

If you are a skincare junkie like me chances are you love trying the latest trend, tool, or gadget, in the pursuit of beautiful glowing skin. “Slugging” is the popular Dermatologist approved Tik Tok beauty trend that is going viral. So I did a deep dive to find out what slugging actually is an how it works. Keep reading- Skincare Trend: Slugging everything you need to know.

Everyone is after beautiful looking skin and there is a reason slugging has grown in popularity recently.

Like most of these skincare trends it’s actually not a new technique dermatologists have been using and recommending it for decades. One thing that makes up beautiful youthful looking skin is plumpness and dewiness.

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What is Slugging

Slugging actually comes from the K-beauty world and has recently gained attention with beauty gurus on Tik Tok and social media alike.

Slugging actually involves sealing your skin with an occlusive agent, often petrolatum-based, overnight. This is said to help prevent water loss.

Now you are probably wondering if something so simple and cheap can actually give you beautiful skin. Dermatologists have recommended slugging for quickly healing dryness and eczema along with other minor skin ailments for quite a long time.

Skincare Trend: Slugging Everything You Need To Know

Living in a place that is freezing cold at least six months of the year has taught me a thing or two about dry and sensitive skin. So this tread was right up my alley.

Now you may be wondering why its called slugging and it’s actually kinda gross, think of the goo that comes from a snail and there you have it. You only need a pea sized amount of product and it should be your last PM skincare step. By adding this as the final step to your nighttime regimen, it works well to keep skin moisturized and hydrated all night long… It also allows the skin barrier to repair by acting as a protectant.

Many people have used slugging to obtain plump skin at home, because it only requires one product. All you need is a thick, ointment-based moisturizer, this is good for most skin types however if you have acne prone skin you may want to steer clear. The reason acne prone skin is not a good candidate for slugging is usually the skin is already over producing oil and slugging may create more breakouts.

Slugging is a great skincare technique especially in the colder winder months which can leave our skin feeling dry and flakey.

Slugging acts as an occlusive that is not only amazing at soothing irritated skin and promoting wound healing, and can also act as a protective barrier for the skin. One thing I have learning over the years is skincare and taking care of our skin is so important in the anti aging process.

Slugging can also be used for dry lips, hands, and other body parts. Most dermatologist agree that the key to youthful skin (aside from SPF of course) is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

As we age skin becomes progressively thinner, more fragile, less elastic, and drier. Even the natural oil-producing sebaceous glands gradually lose their ability to moisturize the skin. All of these physiologic changes contribute to the development of drier skin as people age which is why adding slugging into your skincare routine can help with these issues.

What Happened When I Tried Slugging

Of course when I heard about slugging I knew I had to try it and jump onto the slugging trend! A little bit about my skin; I would say its fairly normal (I’m not oily and not super dry) and I don’t really get many breakouts. I do live in Canada and so we have very harsh winters and it’s very dry here. My PM skincare routine usually consists of a gentle cleanser, eye cream, retinol, and my nighttime moisturizer.

At the start of my slugging journey my skin did look a little dull and thirsty (mind you it is the middle of the winter here) so I had nothing to loose. I used a pea sized amount of the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aide Beauty (I choose this one as it was vegan and cruelty free and had a lot of great reviews).

I was a bit worried if slugging would cause my skin to breakout but it didn’t which is great. I also used slugging on my lips as they get so dry during these winter months. I did notice by the end of the week my skin did look more hydrated, dewy, and plum. So this is something that I will probably keep in my skincare routine especially during the cold dry winter months.

How to Slug

  • Remove makeup and clean face with a gentle cleanser
  • Apply serums (including H.A. for hydration), peptides, etc
  • Apply moisturizer
  •  Finish with a thin layer of of balm (only a pea sized amount)
  • Remember you can continue all you regular PM skincare steps and just add your slugging ointment at the very end
Everything you need to know about the viral skincare trend slugging.a science-backed K-Beauty trend that keeps moisture in and prevents transepidermal water loss. Dewy skin, anti aging, skincare aesthetic.

Benefits of Slugging

  • Skin looks plump
  • Helps to prevent transepidermal water loss
  • Soothes the skin – great for eczema
  • Helps the skin barrier repair itself
  • Soothes chapped lips and hands

Our Favourite Products for Slugging

Now vaseline is not vegan or cruelty free and a lot of the other products used for slugging aren’t either. That’s why we have rounded up our favourite vegan and cruelty free products to slug with.

Not only are these products vegan and cruelty free they are also cleaner which I love. If you have trouble finding and differentiating vegan a cruelty free products we have an extensive blog post to help you HERE.

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