The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

The Christmas season is a special time of year to gather with friends and family. This has to be my favourite time of year by far, I love the old world traditions, holiday parities, decorating our homes, and spending time with loved ones. I love creating a bucket list for each season of things that I want to do, this really helps me get the most out of the season. Keep reading for the ultimate Christmas bucket list.

The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

To help you get the most out of the Christmas season we have come up with a list of some of our favourite activities. It’s also fun to make some of these annual traditions that you can look forward to each year.

  • Let’s start off with one of our favourites- decorating your home for the holidays. Now I usually decorate early November as I want to enjoy it for as long as possible. We usually have more then one tree and it’s a lot of work to put everything up for just a few weeks. So pour yourself your favourite drink, put on some Christmas tunes and deck the halls. Check out our Christmas home tour from last year.
  • Christmas movie marathon– pick a few of your favourites we love the classics like Home Alone. Invite some friends over (I have hosted where all the guests wear Christmas Pj’s). Make homemade popcorn and snuggle up by the fire.
  • Host a Christmas Cookie exchange. Get a few friends together and each person brings several bunches of their favourite homemade cookies, each person goes home with a bunch of different Christmas cookies. Check out these delicious Christmas cookie recipes.
  • Head to your local Christmas market. I love doing this and making a day of it. Check online in your area chances are there will be a few local Christmas markets, this is also a great place to buy gifts and support local businesses.
  • Go ice skating. In our community we have a lake that during winter turns into a huge ice rink. Get some hot chocolate and spend a fun afternoon skating.
  • Donate to someone in need. Each year we choose a charity to donate to if you can bring some extra cheer to someone in need why not, that’s what the season is all about!
  • Shop local for Christmas gifts. I try to avoid going to the malls and huge stores for gifts, instead I like to find local shops and businesses to support.
  • Go to a show. Christmas is the perfect season to attend a show like the nutcracker or a holiday play we try to do this every year. It’s a fun night to get dressed up and be entertained.
  • Make Gingerbread houses. This is also a fun activity to do with friends and make a competition out of it.

We love making these annual traditions, it’s fun and gives us something to look forward to during the season.

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