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I’m excited to be partnering with 3Fruum for today’s blog post! As you know I love fashion- being vegan means trying to ethically source great fashion that’s also cruelty free and good for the environment. With a world where fast fashion is taking over I wanted to share some tips to help avoid it while still looking chic!

Today’s blog post has been sponsored by 3Fruum but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

All About 3Fruum

“Here at 3Fruum, we are a fashion community that focuses on quality, social responsibility, improving our environment and storytelling.

That’s why we created the “Stories Wall” challenge so that people can share photos/videos of their meaningful clothing stories (old, vintage, ethnic clothing, vegan, second-hand, local, sustainable/ethic …). The goal is to have a wall full of interesting and captivating stories with different styles, cultures and values around the world with clothes that are close to their hearts. 

In addition to inspire people, the challenge allows them to proudly display their values and promote diversity and inclusivity.”

My Fashion Tips

One thing you can do to avoid fast fashion is buy quality pieces made in an ethical way (yes this is a bit more pricey) but they last a lot longer.

  • Invest in stable timeless pieces, that will last for years. Not only is this better for the environment but its also great for you pocket book. Some of my wardrobe stables are a great blazer, a neutral trench coat, and jeans that fit like a glove.
  • Look for ethical brands lots of brands are now moving towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable models, I also love shopping local instead of buying from big fashion retailers
  • Try thrifting, check out your local community thrift stores- there are also high end second hand stores that carry brand labels. Quite a few years ago when I went to Europe I went to a few thrift stores over there (they have some of the best thrift stores). When in Paris we went to this really chic second hand store where they had tons of brand names and I bought a unique ring. Amsterdam also has some amazing thrift stores and I got a really cool vintage band tee there. One thing that I love about thrifting is you can find lots of unique and original stuff.

Check out my clothing stories below! You can do the same by sharing your interesting clothing stories and invite your friends and family to participate!

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I love this classic trench that will be in style for years, it’s great for more mild temperatures and great to throw on to complete an outfit! Plus because it’s in a neutral tone it goes with everything!

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