The Best Amazon Beach Essentials for Summer 2023

After what feels like a very long winter spring is finally here- and of course we are all thinking of summer. Living in Canada we get only a few precious months of summer weather, and one thing that Canadians know how to do right is enjoy the summer! We live in a lake community so we are excited to get our daughter Blair out to the lake. This year I decided to invest in a few things for the lake & beach so when we go we will have everything we need to have a great time! Keep reading for the best Amazon Beach Essentials for summer 2023.

The Best Amazon Beach Essentials for Summer 2023

Now one thing about me is that I want everything to look nice while still being functional and sometimes that can be hard to find. So I set about finding some really nice beach essentials that look great too! The best part is these beach essentials are all from Amazon! Of course we all know sunscreen is an essential if you are looking for some great cruelty free sunscreens check out this post! Here’s my list of must haves.

  • Beach Umbrella– To me this is a must have especially with kids as you don’t want to be in the scorching sun all day it’s great to have a shaded area to relax in. I personally like to stay away from the suns damaging UV rays as much as possible.
  • Beach Towels– I like to get a larger one so you can lay out on them and of course they have to be super plush.
  • Beach Chairs– This is also an essential for me I personally like to sit in a comfy chair as opposed to laying in the sand all day. The ones I found are super chic looking and comfortable too. I like that these look nice enough that you could also have them on your patio.
  • Beach Blanket– this is also great to have with kids as they will have somewhere to play and you can put their toys on it and hopefully avoid all the sand getting everywhere.
  • Cooler– if you are spending more than an hour or two at the beach you will definitely need to bring snacks and drinks. This cooler is perfect for that and is so pretty.
  • Floatie– Ok so this isn’t exactly a must have but it’s a fun item to bring to the beach.
  • Hat– I love this straw hat as it will go with everything and of course we need to protect our faces from the sun.
  • A great Beach read– I love reading at the beach and I am currently reading The Newcomer. It’s about a girl named Letty and when her sister is murdered she and her niece flee to a small beach town in Floria to get away from her sister’s shady ex.
  • Straw Bag– The perfect bag for the beach and to hold all your beach essentials.
  • Waterproof Speaker– Listen to your summer playlist at the beach and don’t worry about it getting wet!
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