90’s Hairstyles That are Making an Epic Comeback in 2023

It seems that everything comes back around again, and that is especially true for fashion and hairstyles. Of course it’s always in an updated way. The 90’s right now is having a moment- everything from cargo pants to yep you guessed it 90’s hairstyles. Check out these 90’s hairstyles that are making an epic comeback in 2023.

Dang sometimes I wish I had kept that Tommy Hilfigure sweater or some of those other items I had back in the 90’s by now they would be vintage and super chic. I guess I’ll just have to settle for recreating some cute 90’s hairstyles.

I totally remember doing some of these hairstyles when I was young- flashback to crimpers, Spice Girls and scrunchies! I actually love the 90’s for fashion, hair, and beauty inspo.

Now when you think about the 90’s especially hair styles your mind probably jumps right to Friends and the infamous Rachel haircut. Every girl rushed to their salon presumably with a cutout photo from a magazine (remember when magazines were a thing?) requesting the Rachel cut, but there were also so many other cool hair trends happening in the 90’s and we are bringing back the best of them! From space buns, to bombshell blowouts check out our list of women’s 90’s hairstyles to try ASAP.

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90’s Hairstyles That are Making an Epic Comeback in 2023

Layered Look

Well of course we have to start off with one of the most well know women’s 90’s hairstyles and that is the layered look, AKA the Rachel haircut which was made super popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character in the TV sitcom Friends. To update this look request more blended layers with some face framing pieces.

90’s Blowout

Put down the straighter and pick up your blowdryer. Remember the Victoria Secret Angles- this was their go to hairstyle. To be honest I’m not sure why this ever went out of style. Grab your Dyson or Revlon blow dryer brush to achieve this classic bombshell look. If you are looking to get longer stronger hair with this DIY recipe.

Space Buns

This hairstyle can be done in so many fun ways, we love doing a half up half down style with these. Of course let’s cue the Spice Girls Nostalgia with this fun look.

Butterfly Clips

90’s hairstyles are infamous for hair accessories- think scrunches, headbands and barrettes. But one of the most popular was butterfly clips, it’s also easy to update this style using neutral coloured ones.

Mini Side Braids

This style is so easy to pull off and super simple to do. Not only do they look chic but they are easy to pull off at any hair length. We recommend styling these with a middle part and lots of texturizing spray.

Half Up Half Down

To be honest we think this style is a cult classic that still looks chic, it’s also nice and simple to do. There are several ways to secure it you could use a plain elastic, clips, bobby pins, or the quintessential scrunchie.

Claw Clip

This style has made a huge comeback and to be honest we are glad. A super chic hairstyle that takes mere minutes to achieve count us in. I feel like this hairstyle screams off model duty look, I mean can’t you see Kendall Jenner rocking this?

Crimped Hair

Remember when we all had those cheap hair crimpers from Walmart, well believe it or not this micro hairstyle is making a comeback. To update this look try crimping just a few face framing pieces instead of your whole head or opts for a larger crimp to give the hair more of a natural wave look.

I hoped you liked this little trip down memory lane give these cute 90’s hairstyles a try!

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