Sneaker Trends 2024: The 4 Styles It Girls Will Be Rocking

In the world of fashion, sneakers have transcended their athletic origins to become an essential part of everyday style. From running errands to making a fashion statement, sneakers are versatile companions that combine comfort and trendiness effortlessly. In 2024, women’s sneaker trends continue to evolve, with brands like Adidas and New Balance leading the way with innovative designs and timeless classics. Let’s delve into the world of trending sneakers for women and explore the latest offerings from these iconic brands. We have rounded up the 4 sneaker trends that the it girls will be rocking all season long.

Let’s face it we are all loving that trainers are so on trend. Ditch those uncomfortable heels and exchange them for these cool sneaker trends and be comfortable all day. Adidas has made a major comeback as of late, with Sambas being all the rage- they are everywhere you turn. Plus we love shopping- we consider it a form of self care.

Sneaker Trends 2024: 4 Sneaker Styles It Girls Will Be Wearing on Repeat

Neutral Kicks

Starting off strong Neutral will always be tried and true and thanks to the quite luxury trend they are still going strong. These are the perfect everyday sneakers that will pretty much go with every outfits from sweats to skirts and everything in-between. Neutral sneakers are my go to and I have so many variations.

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Retro Gym Kicks

Remember the “dad trainer” that was all the rage a few years ago well it has evolved into the It girl’s off-duty shoe of choice. Perfect airport runs and brunches alike. Get this retro-inspired look, with the New Balance 9060 they deliver timeless appeal with a modern twist. Featuring a classic silhouette updated with contemporary materials and colours, the 9060 strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. Pair them with your favourite jeans or a flowy dress for a chic, effortless ensemble.

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Football Core

Grace Wales Bonner X Adidas trainer collaboration really kickstarted this trend. We love the exaggerated tongue and these are super fun to style with skirts.

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Colourful Kicks

Adidas is totally leading this trend and it’s a nice change up from the neutral sneakers. These will add a splash of colour and interest into any outfit.

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2024 Sneaker Trends to Watch

In addition to the classics, several emerging trends are shaping the women’s sneaker landscape in 2024. Chunky sneakers, with their bold proportions and exaggerated soles, continue to make waves, adding a fashion-forward edge to any outfit. Additionally, sustainable sneakers crafted from eco-friendly materials are gaining popularity as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact.

In 2024, women’s sneaker trends continue to evolve, with Adidas and New Balance leading the charge with their innovative designs and timeless classics. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a fashion-forward trendsetter, or somewhere in between, there’s a sneaker for every style and occasion. From the iconic Adidas Sambas to the comfort-driven New Balance 990 series, these sneakers not only elevate your look but also keep you stepping in style, every step of the way.

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