The Health Benefits of Matcha

It’s that time again a new year and hopefully a fresh start. With the new year many people make resolutions to be their best selves and that of course includes getting healthy. Enter the long standing it girl drink Matcha, a health drink that you may want to add into…

Self Care Habits to Start ASAP

With the new year comes goals, it’s like a fresh start. Cue the people starting crash diets, getting gym memberships, and pledging to save more money. Most of our “goals” for the new year fall to the wayside by February. The gym memberships sit unused and the diet only lasted…

Vegan Foods That Boost Your Immune System

There are certain vegan foods that boost your immune system. It’s so important to nourish your body with healthy food. Even more important during cold and flu season, and the most recent Covid pandemic. No one wants to get sick and while foods won’t make you virus proof there are…

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